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Wavelength Divsion Multiplexer Network
Dec 12, 2016

CWDM DWDM Network Solutions


First of all, what’s optic fiber WDM? Optic fiber WDM is wavelength division multiplexer that a technology to multiplex various optical signal onto a single optical fiber by taking advantage of different wavelengths of laser light. And the ITU-T recommendation specifies the wavelengths used in CWDM/DWDM,OADM. All the optic fiber passive components are made of filters that limited to allow specific wavelength to pass through a fiber port and then the others to be reflected to another fiber ports.


A WDM( wavelength division multiplexer) network uses a multiplexer at the transmitter to join the several signals together, and a demultiplexer at the receiver to split them apart.With the increasing demand of data, vedio and mobile usage on many networks, WDMs technnology has proved to be the most reliable and cost efficiently of transporting large amount of data in telecom. And by utilizing CWDM,DWDM network systems to scale the bandwidth, the operators enable to transmit service from 2Mbps up to 100Gbps of data. Now WDMs are very popular in field of CATV,Internet, VoIP, and legace data,audio and video solutions, and even bring FTTX solutions to the people’s everyday life.


CWDM network solutions


Fiber optic CWDMs ( coarse wavelength division multiplexer with 20nm channel spacing ),and those channel spacing 20nm with a working channel pass band(±6.5nm or ±7.5nm). CWDM MUX DEMUX Modules take advantage of conventional thin-film filter(TFFS) Technology and that allow various channels within ITU G.694 Grid( 1270nm~1610nm,1271nm~1611nm) ,to realize multiplexing or demultiplexing wavelengths over one fiber. Due to the use of cheaper CWDM uncooled laser or lower-quality multiplexer and demultiplexers without fiber amplifiers, the CWDMs works at a 60 or 80KM transmition when 1550nm. So CWDM is a very attractive options in metro networks.


DWDM network solutions


Fiber Optic DWDM( Dense wavelenth division multiplexer) with narrow operating channel spacing measured in GHz(100G or 200G, C Band 1525nm~1565nm). Now an optical fiber interleaver or optic fiber chip is used to double the channel of 100GHz or 200GHz  spacing, that’s 100GHz or 50GHz AWG. Just like CWDMs, DWDM MUX DEMUX also take avantage of thin-film filters., DWDMs are used to increase the amount of data capacity that can be transmitted over a single fiber. The DWDMs will be with more channels that are very tighter channel spacing.Typical DWDM MUX DEMUX Modules not only 32,40,44 Channels but now 50Ghz AWG enable to double that channel spacings and up to 64,80,88 and even 90channels.


DWDM is the most suitable technology for long-haul transmission because of its ability to allow EDFA amplification. Given the growing need for bandwidth to driven by data-hungry applications (smartphones, video streaming, etc.), DWDM has now found its way into metro networks, and is even being used in some cellular backhaul deployments.

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