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Talking About Fiber Optic Adapter
Oct 27, 2017

In the optical fiber communication system, in order to meet the needs of different devices and systems between flexible connectors, there must be a fiber and fiber, fiber and devices (including active devices, passive devices and fiber optic sensors) fiber and instrumentation, The device that is connected between the fiber and the system is that the optical signal can be transmitted on the desired channel. The device that achieves this function is called a fiber optic adapter (fiber flange), which is an indispensable amount of optical passive components in optical fiber communication systems.

With the further development of optical fiber communication, different countries, different manufacturers have developed a different fiber optic adapter, according to incomplete statistics, up to now, the international use of about 30 species. In general, the fiber optic adapter can be divided into single-mode fiber optic adapter and multimode fiber optic adapter according to the different transmission medium. According to the structure of the connector, it can be divided into FC.SC.ST.LC.MTRJ.MU.MT.MPO and so on. Shape can be divided into PC, UPC, and APC type; according to the number of fiber core points to a single core, double core type. And match the type of fiber optic adapter models, there are many varieties, each have their own technical characteristics. But their role is the same, that is, fiber (cable) plug connected together, is the fiber connected.

The requirements for fiber optic adapters are mainly small insertion loss, high reflection loss, good repeatability, environmental stability and good mechanical properties. The cladding of a single-mode fiber is 125 μm (equivalent to the thickness of the hair), and its core (the light-passing part of the fiber) has a diameter of only 9um. The task of the fiber-optic connector is that the 9um core is exactly docked together. Ninety-eight of the light can pass, the technical requirements are very accurate.