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Introduction Of Fiber Optic Adaptor
Jun 15, 2017

Standard Fiber Adaptors (mating sleeve Fiber Adapters) allow users to couple from one fiber connector type to another same type.


Hybrid Fiber Adaptors allow users to convert from one fiber connector type to another.

hybrid Adapter.jpg

Bare Fiber adaptors are used as a quick and easy means to temporarily terminate cable to enable testing to be carried out. This is particularly useful for checking installed cable prior to terminating.They are suitable for single mode and multimode fibers with either 250µm or 900µm buffers.

sc APC.jpg

We supply most kinds of Fiber Adaptors, Including ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, MTRJ, MPO, MPT, E2000, both single mode and multimode, simplex and duplex types, Hybrid Fiber Aapters and Bare Fiber Adapter are also available.

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