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Functional Fiber Optic Switch Sensor Introduction
Sep 25, 2017

Functional Fiber Optic Switch sensor fiber in which not only the light guide media, but also sensitive components, functional fiber optic sensor is the light in the fiber by the measured modulation, the use of multi-mode fiber using the fiber itself is sensitive to the object being tested And the detection function, the external role of the optical fiber to spread the optical signal changes, so that the distance of light changes, phase change, this signal is processed, you can get the measured signal changes.

The beam splitter 1 divides the output beam of the laser into two parts, which are then overlapped by the transmission of the upper and lower optical paths so that they interfere with each other at the photodetector. This interferometer can measure the "moving plane mirror" very small displacement, with high sensitivity. Although the air optical path interferometer has high precision and large dynamic range, it is very difficult to realize, and it can only work in the laboratory, which limits the application under practical conditions.

If the above device with a single-mode fiber optic switch sensor instead of the air path is very different, cancel the optical path length strictly limited. The optical fiber-fiber coupler replaces the beam splitter with the other components to form a small fiber phase sensor. The fiber coupler divides the output beam of the laser into two equal parts, or the two-way optical signal is re-aligned. Between the light source and the detector, the interferometer contains only the fiber element, and the transducer converts the measured phase to the phase change of the beam.

Non-functional optical fiber sensor is a fiber-optic fiber optic fiber optic sensor can only be used as the medium of transmission of light, the object to be measured modulation function by other optical conversion components to achieve, the state of the fiber is not continuous, fiber only from the role of light transmission.