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FTTA(Fiber To The Antenna) Cabling
Jun 07, 2017

FTTA(Fiber to the Antenna) is a broadband network and optic fibers is used to connect the Remote Radio Unit/Head(RRU/RRH) to the building Base station Unit(BBU) in recetn antennas. As you known, Most of the existing ones are with the coax cable that is heavier and mantaion less bandwidth. But FTTA is able to increase signal capacity, coverage and efficiency owning to its less space and smaller footprint.
Nowadays Fiber optical cables has become very important on the high speed data transport platform. And Lastest 3G,4G,LTE( Long term Evolution) and next generation mobile communication systems drives fiber deeper and higher in to radio network. So the fiber to the antenna(FTTA) cabling is very critical solution for innovation now and that is a big challenge to re-deploy FTTA to wireless network.

So far, Various outdoor cable assemblies are widely used in FTTA field, including ODC Antenna Feeder Patch Cable,IP68,ODVA BBU/RRU Patch Cable IP68,PDLC and so on.The abovemetioned patch Cables(horizontal and vertical cabling available) are widely used in FTTA Solution and some of them are combined with multi port Terminal Junction Box on the cell tower to meet customers requiremtns to  fulfill the ongoing requirements and issues arising form cell tower installations. ODC stainless steel connectors are features with 4 key-position to align the signal when mating. The metal housing is anti- moisture and anti -corrosion. ZG TECH has offered the excellent performance of ODVA,Its sealing rating has a low cost solution when applications. Not only singlemode and also Multimode OM3 or OM4 constructions do we also provides. Regarding the FTTA Duplex Round far transmission outdoor cable, its TPU black cable jacket is features with flame retardant characteristics and soft,flexible, that is easy to deploy and splice. What is more, it holds big capacity data transmission.

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