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Fabrication Of Optical Fiber Coupler
Apr 26, 2016

Fiber coupled device making way has sintering, and micro-optical type, and optical guide type three species. here introduced Xia sintering way, sintering way accounted for has most (about has 90%), main of method is will two article fiber and in with burn thaw stretch, makes nuclear core aggregate with, to AU Optronics coupled role, and which most important of production equipment is thaw burn machine, is most important of steps, although important steps part can by machine generation workers, but sintering zhihou, must artificial package, so artificial cost in 10%-15% around, Followed by manual inspection should be packed to ensure quality consistency, which is mass production that must be overcome, but the technique is not difficult if

DWDM MODULE and optical active component is high, so early into the fiber-optic industry manufacturers, most from the couplers into the Maori in CK