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Difference Of PLC And FBT
Jul 06, 2017

PLC – Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter


  • Suitable for multiple operating wavelengths (1260nm – 1650nm); unstinted.

  • Equal splitter ratios for all branches.

  • Compact configuration; smaller size; small occupation space.

  • Good stability across all ratios.

  • High quality; low failure rate.


  • Complicated production process.

  • Costlier than the FBT splitter in the smaller ratios.

FBT – Fused Biconical Splitter


  • The product is well-known and is easy to produce, thus reducing cost of production.

  • Splitter ratios can be customized.

  • Can work on three different operating bands (850nm, 131 Onm, and 1550nm).


  • Restricted to its operating wavelength.

  • Because of errors in equality insertion loss, the maximum insertion loss will vary depending on the split and increase substantially for those splits over 1:8.

  • Because an exact equal ratio cannot be ensured, transmission distance can be affected.

  • High temperature dependent loss (TDL). The operating temperature range is 23 °F- 167 °F. Any changes in temperature can affect the insertion loss.

  • The larger the split, the larger the encapsulation module.

  • Susceptible to failure due to extreme temperatures or improper handling.