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Data Center Cable Structure
Dec 22, 2016

Overview of Data center


Data Center refers to facilities that store and distribute the data, and the main functions are to centralize and consolidate the large data information based on TIA/EIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard. Data centers are equipped with cabinets,Racks,Cables ,cooling equipment (air- condition),Router and various fast hard drives etc that comprised of servers,switches,storage( backups of data). Just like what we often say is a computer room. In a word, data center servers LAN and WAN


What the users focus on is the data speed, while the fast moving and all electronics generate huge heat. In order to get ride of heat, Air conditions even consume as much as the data electronics themselves, and so much heat from inefficiency. So now data center is aimed to fast speed,reducing power and heat,ensuring reliability and stability. And Due to its own language TLAs, all parts works effectively and smoonthly.


Data center can be amazing and big like this:

Data Center cabling network to LAN/WAN


Some data center cabling network are co-location centers where WAN Connectivity links with LAN by routers,MDA,HDA,EDA and large number of cables.That is a mesh network.

For Example 40Gbs/100Gbs MTP MPO network cabling structure:


Firstly in order to backup and secure data sources, MDA always directly connected with SAN by 10Gbs 12/24 Fiber MTP MPO Trunk cable . SAN( Storage Area network) refers to a data storage and equipped with optic fiber active module (SFP,SFP+ Modules) and SAN Switches are connected with 12/24Fiber MTP MPO to LC harness patch cord ,If HDA(Horizontal Distribution Area) is available in aisle. Not only the data access is higher but also save the storage room.


And then MDA (Main Distribution Area) links to EDAEquipment Distribution Area) by HDA( Horizontal Distribution Area), as we known the HDA is to structure horizontal zone cable distribution with 10Gbs 12/24Fiber MTP Trunk patch cord to transmit the data for EDA.


There are many 12/24Fibers MTP MPO to LC Harness Cassettes and 19” Rack mount enclosures in EDA Cabinets. That we call” Top of rack,End of Row”. Thanks to the flexiable cable management, it’s very easy to re-deploy and manage the networks. And Mostly reduce the fiber cost.


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