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Characteristics Of Optical Fiber Transceiver
Apr 26, 2016

1. provide ultra low-latency data transfer.

2. completely transparent to the network protocol.

3. special ASIC chips to achieve wire-speed forwarding data. Programmable ASIC number of functions into a single chip, has a simple design, high reliability, low power consumption advantages of equipment can get higher performance and lower cost.

4. the rack-mount appliance provides hot-plug capability, ease of maintenance and seamless upgrades.

5. provides Network Diagnostics, network management equipment upgrades, status reporting, exception reporting and controlling functions such as, can provide the full operation log and alarm log.

6. the device uses 1+1 power design, supports Ultra wide supply voltage for power protection and automatic switching.

7. supports the wide operating temperature range.

8. supports a full range of transmission distance (0~120 miles).