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What Is Planar Lightwave Circuit ( PLC ) Splitter ?
Jun 12, 2017

Optical fiber Planar lightwave circuit splitter, its abbreviation is PLC Splitter, is built using the unique silica glass waveguide process. Featured with low insertion loss and high return loss over a wide wavelength range. It can distribute optical power to the outport ports, and it is widely applied in FTTx systems, communication networks, Analog Passive Optical Networks, CATV networks and other fiber optic systems.

PLC Splitter.jpg

ZG Technology provides a variety of models of PLC splitter from 1XN series to 2XN series; we have bare fiber module, Mini module, ABS module and LGX module with high performance and high reliability for our customer to Choose. ZG Technology can provide customized designs to meet packaging and specialized feature applications.

Mini 2X16 PLC Splitter.jpg

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